Metroid: Other M - The Next Adventure

Hands-on: Lifting the lid on Samus' latest adventure

24 years after Samus made her groundbreaking videogame debut on the humble NES, she's set to return to our screens in her most stunning, ambitious adventure yet. Metroid: Other M sees Nintendo team up with the studio behind the prestigious Ninja Gaiden series to create something both entirely new while at the same time being comfortably familiar to fans of the series.

Taking place immediately after the events that played out in Super Metroid on the SNES, Metroid: Other M sees Samus embarking on a new mission, investigating a distress call on a space station called The Bottle Ship. She'll be teaming up with familiar faces from her past, including Super Metroid's Adam Malkovich, and for the first time we'll be exploring her past through some beautifully rendered cinematic sequences.


In terms of gameplay, Other M promises to blend the old with the new. Unlike the Prime games, which put every available button on the GameCube and Wii controllers to use, the latest adventure strips thing right back. In a nod to its straightforward side-scrolling roots, you'll be turning the Wii Remote on its side, using the D-pad to control Samus, the 1 button to shoot your arm cannon, the 2 button to jump and the A button to transform into the morph ball. And whereas the Prime series was in full 3D, Other M is for the most part a third person adventure, offering more linear - almost 2D - paths, akin to Super Metroid.

However, the 21st-century twist comes when you point the Remote at the screen. The action them immediately flips into full, first person 3D, putting you behind Samus' visor. Although your feet remain fixed while in this perspective, you can aim your canon with the Remote and more closely explore every nook and cranny of your surroundings.

Aside from this bold new mechanic, it's essentially business as usual. Expect massive, atmospheric environments to explore, a deep plot to get to grips with and, naturally, more of the series' trademark epic boss encounters. In short, Metroid: Other M offers a thrill-ride the likes of which the Wii has never seen.