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The five best Garry's Mod game modes

Garry's compo offered $5,000 to the winner, and the top five will all become official modes.

Late last year, Garry, whose Garry's Mod game has stuck to the the ten most played games list on Steam for ages, announced a game-mode creation contest for which there were five prizes: $5,000 for first place, $2,000 for second, and $1,000 for three runners up. Additionally, all five would ship from then out with GMod. He's just announced the winners - here they are:


5th place: Ascension

A simple platform puzzler where players must work together by stacking blocks. Garry said that Ascension was "exactly the kind of thing we were looking for when we envisioned the Fretta contest".

4th place: Prop Hunt 2
We've written about Prop Hunt in the mag before - it's a Cat vs Mouse game where the props have to disguise themselves as bits of trash around the map and the Seekers have to gun them down - but they lose health every time they guess incorrectly.

3rd place: Dog Fight
Capture the flag in biplanes. The goal is to fuel up your team's rocket by flying to a fuel can sitting in the centre of the map. You've then got to fly back, this time dragging the fuel can on a rope and relying on your team mates to defend you.

2nd place: Zinger!

It's like Golf, but with prison rules. "Shoot, trap, drug and destroy your opponents with a ridiculous arsenal of weapons at your disposal." It's also got quite a distinctive cartoony style.


1st Place: Trouble in Terrorist Town

The winner of the $5,000, Trouble in Terrorist Town sounds like a tense one. The peaceful terrorists of terrorist town are in danger - there are traitors among them with the sole goal of killing all terrorists. They're woefully outnumbered, though, so it's a psychological game of gun-wielding guesswork where the wrong twitch could start a massacre.

These will all be polished up before being included in GMod proper in a few month's time, complete with achievements and some suggestions from Garry and co. He said, "We were looking for certain gamemodes. Easy, fun, different. The last thing I would have wanted was 5 first person shooter gamemodes, or 5 Capture The Flag gamemodes. They needed to be nothing like GMod."

It's a great time to be a modder, eh?