CVG: The week's best comments

More funny stuff just like last week remember?

There was a real spread of funny comedy across an even number of topics this week so well done to you all.

You managed to distribute zingers evenly across stories about Guitar Hero, Red Dead, Blur babes, Sonic and Tekken. That's versatility for you. Versatility that you just won't find in the fan base of any other site.

Keep being funny in the comments below.

David Jaffe: 'F*ck being nice'

What are you up to Jaffe, you wily, old ass-mouth?
We'd like to know what an ass-mouth looks like. What does an ass-mouth look like Mark240473?

Rockstar: Red Dead horses are 'like nothing else in gaming'

i know this makes me sound sick and evil here but here goes anyway...

In RDR does anyone else find capping a horse in the head funny for some reason?

there I said it...
snarf81 knows it makes him sick and yet continues to say it.

No, I just can't bring myself to kill horses or cows.....can't stop shooting birds though - I love picking off vultures after they start circling all the corpses after a gunfight.
ParmaViolet can't kill anything with four legs.

i take even more delight in nabbing a new wild horse and shooting my old one in front of it (think you loose honor)...
snarf81 outdoes himself by introducing a sick psychology to the whole thing.

Red Dead Lassos 'too complicated for multiplayer'

That excuse sounds ropey to me...
Please leave Charlie Bell, please leave immediately (please don't leave).

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock detailed

focus on shredding .... office hero!
Maybe a stapler peripheral as well martinawatson?

Microsoft Wave brand already exists

I suppose they could call it 'Waft' instead.
We love this from Mark240473 simply because it makes Microsoft's potentially revolutionary venture sound like a fart next to an open window.

Wii gives you wings

This . . . I can't . . . What th . . .
WHY!!!!?!?!?!???? WHO!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!

KippDynamite's blabbering sums up feelings more perfectly than any poetry ever has.

US Navy to get Wii Fit

Iwata: We need to reach out to those not currently interested in games: Grandparents, moms, U.S. Navy Surgeon General Vice Admiral's, . . .
KippDynamite doesn't put Grandparents in the same league as U.S. Navy Surgeons for some reason.

Blur trailers feature hot French babes

There's got to be a "shunt" joke in there somewhere. But I'm far too lazy.
Laziness won't get you into comments of the week altitude2k...Oh.

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