'Grand Theft Auto V: Vice' at E3 - Leak

Supposed leak of E3 schedule lists game for show floor reveal

Rockstar will reveal its next GTA game, titled Grand Theft Auto V: Vice, at E3 in two weeks, according to a new rumour.

Game Reactor has posted what is claimed to be a leaked "internal use" ESA (E3 governing body) schedule sheet with a list of games containing GTA V from Take-Two Interactive as a 'First Look' title at the show.

It wouldn't be a complete surprise - EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has said not once but twice, that we know of, that Rockstar is likely to unveil the next GTA game at this year's show, and Divnich isn't the only one.

The snapshot, shown on this page, was apparently emailed in by an anonymous 'Mrblack', although a skeptical GR notes that taking a photo of a computer screen to then email on (rather than just taking a snapshot in Windows) is rather peculiar, along with the typical low-res blurriness of these kind of 'leaks'.

Also, Windows users will see that the document on the screen is rather strangely being displayed as an image file - not as a PDF or Word document which would be far more suitable for such a schedule sheet.

GR also notes that GTA games are usually shown under the Rockstar banner, not Take-Two.

Is 'Mrblack' a dirty fraud? We'll find out in a couple weeks.

[ SOURCE: Game Reactor ]