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Pokémon Black and White to have major differences

Does Nintendo want you to buy both?

There will be major differences between Pokémon Black version and Pokémon White version.

Ever since the first games, Nintendo has always released two versions of the hit RPG on the same day but this time it appears the company are offering more incentives to buy both.

As ever, the type of Pokémon which appear in the games and the rate of Pokémon appearances will differ. They will also feature different Legendary Pokémon - Zekrom will star in White while Reshiram will be in Black. However, according to the Japanese press release, there will be major differences between the two versions. Details on these will be released in the future.

Elsewhere we've learned that the two new Legendary Pokémon are dragons and are tied into the history of Ishuu, the region in Black and White.

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