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Crackdown 2 development 'hasn't gone smoothly'

I'm seriously worried about the team's state of health, says producer

Crackdown 2 development "hasn't gone entirely smoothly," revealed Ruffian producer, James Cope.

Speaking to CVG recently, Cope said he's "seriously worried" about the dev team's health after it had to deal with both setting up a new company and putting out a decent sequel in a short space of time.


"It hasn't gone entirely smoothly," he said. "We've had to learn very quickly. I'm very, very proud of what we've had to do in such a short space of time.

"We've been lucky but it's also been down to insanely hard work from our team; they've worked themselves ragged. I'm seriously worried about their state of health. We've worked hard and we've got a game that we're now proud of.

"The fact that we exist is down to luck and the desire and passion that we have to create videogames. We're very thankful for the opportunities that we've had. It's been a combination of luck, opportunity and really hard work and hopefully it's a benefit to the gamers who get to see the game that they wanted some time ago."

In the same interview the Ruffian producer claimed that employees who left Crackdown 1 developer, Realtime Worlds to join Ruffian did so because "they wanted to make console games".

Cope also revealed that Crackdown 2 was originally in consideration for the Halo Reach beta, but the release timing "just wasn't right for us".