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The ultimate Mario Kart accessory?

Be the coolest kid on the block with an inflatable Wii racing kart

Ever wanted to totally immerse yourself in the Mario Kart racing experience? Well first of all you'll need these dungarees, and then you'll do well to pick up this genuinely amazing inflatable Wii racing kart.

According to the sales pitch video below, the Wii racing kart (which can support up to 300 pounds, fatties) will cost you $39.99 (£27) and is compatible with Mario Kart, Need for Speed, Sega All-Stars Racing and "any other Wii racing games".

It'll also make you the "coolest kid on the block" if you buy one. Or get you spat on in the street - one of the two.

We wonder if we can get these through expenses...

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]