Bethesda reveals E3 line-up

Fallout: New Vegas, Rage, Brink and Hunted

Bethesda's detailed its E3 line-up, which will include hands-on time with promising Splash Damage shooter, Brink.

The publisher will also use the show to showcase Fallout: New Vegas, Hunted and a brand new presentation of id FPS, Rage.

A company spokesperson told CVG: "We're excited to announce that in addition to offering hands-on time with Brink, a ground breaking shooter being developed at Splash Damage, Fallout: New Vegas, the next chapter in the blockbuster Fallout franchise being developed at Obsidian Entertainment, and Hunted, a third-person co-op fantasy action game being developed at inXile Entertainment, we'll also be showing off a new presentation of RAGE, the new first-person shooter being developed by id Software!"

You can expect our feedback on the lot direct from the show. Only two weeks to go!