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Soulcalibur IV, MoH Airborne on Games on Demand

World War II and gorgeous fighting action goes digital

Microsoft has added Soulcalibur IV and (in US) Medal of Honor: Airborne to the list of 360 games that you can download directly to your ever filling hard drive.

Airborne has been on the UK Games on Demand service since February, and see's players once again pick up their Garrand and delve into the familiar scenes of a virtual WWII, shooting Nazis, as the MoH series has been for over a decade. Can you really take any more?

Soulcalibur IV is "last chapter in the battle between the spirit sword Soul Calibur and the cursed sword Soul Edge", apparently. Whatever. It has gorgeous environments, giant weapons, and fit females with boobs large enough to render any real girl completely unable to perform half the acrobatics they do in this game. Which is pretty much how SC has been since its conception too, but its impossible to get bored of breasts.