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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker review - 91% in PSM3

CVG sister mag highly impressed with Kojima's new PSP title

CVG sister magazine PSM3 has printed its Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker review - and awarded Hideo Kojima's new PSP epic 91 per cent.

The mag says that the game is 'the stealth action game you came to the party to play - but within a mission or two it opens up like no Metal Gear before it'.

PSM3 reserves its highest applause for Peace Walker's ability to 'take the best bits from every Metal Gear Solid game - the recruitment tricks... from Portable Ops, the camouflage and multi-player from MGS3: Snake Eater, the stripped-down controls from Metal Gear Solid 4 and the bonus missions... from VR Missions'.

It continues that Peace Walker is 'a masterclass in pushing the PSP further than it ever wanted to go and sucking the battery dry at a frightening rate'.

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However, the mag says some of the game's boss fights are its 'weakest moments' - 'gruelling wars of attrition rather than tests of skill'.

It concludes that 'it's more than good enough to [be called] Metal Gear Solid 5'. High praise indeed.

You can read the spectacular four-page exclusive review - complete with a full guide to PW's 'mad' variety - in the latest issue of PSM3, which is with subscribers now and hits shelves this week. Subscribe and get it posted to your door here.