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Sony: More old PlayStation games to go 3D

Platform holder reveals 'retrofit' strategy

Sony is planning to 'retrofit' more existing PlayStation games with 3D - but admitted that doing so is harder than creating a new 3D game from scratch.

The firm revealed at the weekend that the first 3D PS3 games will arrive on June 10. These will include current PSN games WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD.

Now Sony senior development manager Simon Benson has revealed that more existing PlayStation titles are to get the 3D treatment.

"I'm sure we will [retrofit more games with 3D], as adding 3D to a game can make it a whole new experience," he told the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine.

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However, Benson added: "Retrofitting 3D is actually harder than building 3D into a game from the outset. One of the big issues is that all of the game assets were designed to work with only one HD output. Being able to render them twice to make a 3D output can be a challenge.

"Also, the game interfaces are often designed to only work in 2D. The process used [to] covert the games varies greatly... so there isn't really a 'on size fits all' solution."

You can read the full interview with Benson in OPM, which is out now. Buy your copy of OPM and have it delivered to your door.

Which older PlayStation or PSN titles would you like to see reborn in 3D beauty, readers?