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Enslaved 'as beautiful as Uncharted'

360 and PS3 Ninja Theory title looking gorgeous

Ninja Theory's Enslaved is 'as colourful as Mario, as detailed as Gears and as beautifully animated as Uncharted'.

That's according to CVG man Andy, whose new Enslaved gameplay preview puts the Namco Bandai-published game on a similar visual level as Naughty Dog's PS3 classic.

Ninja Theory has history with nice-looking games, of course - having made PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword.

However, the studio has told CVG it decided to go multiplatform after making "no money" when contracted to just one system. Enslaved is due for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

'Platforming sequences - which have burly Monkey swinging from polls, grabbing at individual bricks and dramatically clinging on to metalwork with his fingertips - look straight out of Naughty Dog's game,' Andy reports. 'Make no mistake; that's a BIG compliment. And I saw it on Xbox 360.'

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We conclude: 'The set pieces we saw were absolutely of Uncharted's calibre. If the rest of Enslaved to can match up to these mammoth standards, then we'll be in for a treat.'

Sounds pretty 'wow', yes? What do you make of it all, folks?