'Infinity Ward as we know it is dead', claims Braben

Development veteran says Modern Warfare can never be the same again

LostWinds and Elite creator David Braben has branded Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward "dead" - following the exodus of over a third of its staff.

Speaking in a new feature on the future of Modern Warfare, Braben said that the enforced exit of Jason West and Vince Zampella from IW in March had left it a "different company".

He slammed the actions of publisher Activision in the affair - saying the situation "highlights is the way the board level management appear not to value their own teams, or even understand what it is they care about".


"Whatever happens now, Infinity Ward as it was, is dead," Braben told CVG. "The 'brand' may live on, but a company is its senior staff. Without them it is a different company, and at the very least will need all its seniors replacing - either by promotion from those remaining, or from outside.

"That is not to say that those others might not do a really good job of making it work, but it will have a different mindset, a different approach, a different balance of experience. Tools and tech will carry over, but a company is a lot more than that. Give me Respawn, any day."

Braben is currently hard at work finishing epic game The Outsider at Frontier.

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