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E3 vs. GamesCom: Industry must choose, says Namco

Two shows in three months "too much" for publishers, says VP

The games industry needs to choose between E3 and rising European trade show, GamesCom - because supporting both costs too much.

That's according to Namco Bandai Partners VP, Olivier Comte, who told CVG that E3's return to its traditional, monolithic size presents a difficult decision for game companies.

"I really wonder how E3 is going to be this year because we seem to have come back on track," he said. "I wonder if this year it will be E3 like three or four years ago - a very big event. This is how I feel.

"If this is a case then it's clear that the industry will have to choose between E3 and GamesCom, because two events within three months that cost a lot of money for all of the publishers will be too much."

Comte added that E3 is "very important" because it's situated in the US, an advantage that might see some publishers abandon the German show.

However, "we know that to make noise at E3 is always complicated with Move and Natal but an event in the US is always an event," he said.

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