GAME reveals Natal pre-order date

UK retailer taking Natal pre-orders from next weekend

Major UK retailer GAME will begin taking pre-orders for Microsoft's motion-sensing camera bar, Natal, from Sunday June 13, according to EG.

The date comes as the site launches a special page dedicated to Natal and its features, ramping up hype before E3 kicks off later this month where all will be revealed.

The pre-order date aligns with Microsoft's planned Natal-specific press conference on the same day in LA - prior to E3 and Nintendo and Sony's press shows - in which MS is expected to confirm the device's final name and release date, along with the launch games.

Natal has recently been shown at the WSJ D8 conference, in a rather final-looking form. Could these shots be the first glimpse of Natal as it will look when it's released (minus the 'development unit' notice)?

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]