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Square reveals interesting WiiWare dual release

New puzzle adventure being released in two forms

Square has revealed a new WiiWare game that we think sounds pretty interesting. It's called Kumanage and its arriving in Japan on June 8.

Two versions of the game will be released: 'Kumanage: The Blue Gem that Kiina Hates -- Battle Version', and 'Kumanage: The Red Candy that Piina Likes -- Puzzle Version', according to Andriasang.

The games are apparently set in the world of a picture book in an old mansion in which you use the Wii Remote to solve challenges and puzzles.

Square launched its teaser site but, according to Andriasang's translations, the info within it doesn't make much sense. Apparently, in one version you work with a boy named Kiina, and "paper bears" and "strange but cute" characters come from the book from whom you have to defend your blue gem. In the other version you're with a girl named Piina, and "you have to throw 'paper bears' at gimmicks on the stage in order to collect red candy".

What the hell does any of it mean? We've no clue. But we like the idea of a dual release that contain major differences (unlike the sparsely different Pokemon games) in gameplay and characters. And apparently there are bonuses for completing both versions.

Attempt, if you will, to make sense of the rest of it through the link below.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]