Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution trailer - must see

Eidos sequel unveiled with CGI spectacular

This is the mammoth CGI reveal trailer for Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution - and doesn't it look absolutely wicked?

Though opting for gorgeous CGI over actual in-game footage, Human Revolution's game director, Jean-Francois Dugas told CVG, "The CGI trailer is representative of the game itself. Everything is based off the game; the art direction, the characters, the story, the locations, etc."

This video is no longer available

The video's the result of a collaboration by Eidos Montreal, Goldtooth Creative in Vancouver and Square Enix's Visual Works studio - the ones that do the spectacular Final Fantasy cinematics.

Eidos Montreal divulges some of the trailer's secrets in our Deus Ex: Human Revolution interview and you can also find some lovely snapshots past the link too.