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Rare NOT working on new GoldenEye

UK studio confirms it's not involved in rumoured Activision project

Rare has had no involvement in Activision's rumoured new GoldenEye game, the UK developer has told CVG.

Rare created the original 007: GoldenEye title for N64 back in 1997 to wide acclaim. The studio was fully acquired by Microsoft in 2002.

Gamers the world over have asked for a next-gen remake of the classic GoldenEye game ever since.

A new survey from Activision suggests that the US publisher is readying a remake for Wii.

However, it appears Rare has not been involved in the project.

"I can confirm that currently Rare are not working on a new Golden Eye game," a Rare spokesperson told CVG today.

Activision registered a web domain at earlier this year.

A CV uncovered last year suggested that Eurocom - which made 007: Nightfire - is at the helm of the new game.