Insomniac's Ted Price

The studio's CEO on firm's decision to go multiplatform...

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Again, it's up to the individuals leading the company and the company itself to decide what the best course is. What we'll see is an industry continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. That's what's so exciting about being in the industry. It's never, ever boring.

Does PS3 remain your lead platform, and if so how easy is it to port the game onto 360?
We'll wait to answer that question later. We're just focusing on the announcement for now.

Can we expect sequels, spin-offs etc of this franchise to arrive over the next few years?
Every franchise we've created, our goal has not just been to create a game but a universe. That could include multiple games and other properties associated with the game. I don't think any developer sets out just to make a single game. However, what we do in the future will remain under wraps for now.

What was it about the EAP structure that attracted you above anything any other publisher/platform holder could offer?
There are a lot of things about EAP that are very exciting for us. First, there's a global reach: EA is known as having presence throughout the world in terms of its distribution and marketing capabilities. Secondly, EAP is set up to work with the best developers in the world on big franchises and provides incredible support for those teams.

Is this the kind of genre of game you've made before or is it something completely new?
I wish I could answer that right now, but we're going to save it for later.

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