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CVG: The week's best comments

Funny words that you typed using a keyboard

We had two articles related to slightly blue content this week - so we should have been absolutely covered in comments ripe for picking. Problem was, some of the comments got a little too rude for a wholesome round-up of this week's words.

See what happened? You took it too far. Getting into the week's best comments isn't just some random achievement of rudeness you know? It's actually an art.....Ahem.

Apart from porn, Guitar Hero, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed 3 and the PSPGo all provided fuel for the funny.

As always, continue to make us laugh at the bottom of the page there. If you think you can that is...

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock track list out

Got Milk bahahaha................mooooooo
We like the pause JammyJames because it implies you tried to restrain yourself but had to release a massive moo.

PS3 porn negotiation goes limp

I bet they were hoping for a swift handshake on this deal
Nice Mark240473 solid innuendo. It's a good start.

Microsoft should definitely do a deal. Think of the possibilities with Natal. This could be what they need to stop it flopping.
We don't know whether or not Helpsy meant to say this but....'flopping' yeah?

The title alone made me s**t myself with laughter
That's a serious problem mogel94. You need to go and see a doctor friend. You need to go now.

Can you just imagine the 'moment of clarity' after having a tommy tank when you are sitting there with a geekey pair of glasses on.
We would hope the moment of clarity would come well before that dannybuoy.

Assassin's Creed 3 set in Egypt?

How do you free-run in a desert?
nytemaer points out the sparse, sandy truth.

Porn to pioneer 3D in Japan

Unless she's firing rockets out of her ass, I can't see what 3D will bring to the world of porn - other than a really scary facial.
We can actually see this happening Mark240473...Unfortunately.

a word for those who watch porn: get a life !!
Does anyone else want to tell dark_prince123? Anyone? .......Yeah that's three words dark_prince123.

Are they for real? Watching 3D porn on a big TV in a small Japanese apartment with the kids, your wife and parents all living under one roof, is the place to watch your porn?
bazzatuk wants to make sure 3D TV remains a family activity.

Porn + 3D = Brilliant!
Mmmmgrolsch manages to compile a whole mathematical equation with only one number.

Enslaved 'as beautiful as Uncharted'

monkeys bottom. if this is as good as uncharted 2 i will eat a banana
Got a thing for monkeys by any chance badman1972?

They guy who originally came up with the idea of NOT having a HDMI cable should be shot with s**t.
waltyftm comes up with the most ineffective firing squad method to date.

Earthworm Jim HD trailer looks brilliant

My sis told me once that when this came on tv when I was a baby, I used to bounce up and down on my chair in happiness. I haven't even completed this game on the snes.
Is shadowblade34 trying to suggest his sister is a liar?

Sony launches '10 free games' PSPgo promo

Sony, the Go is s**t. No, no, don't you look away from me. HEY! I'm talking to you! Yes, you! I said THE GO IS s**t. CAN YOU HEAR ME. HEY! COME BACK! COME BACK!
Gaseous Snake has an argument with Sony but Sony is in his head.