Gears of War 3 to star Ice-T?

The rapper spills the beans on Ustream

Ice-T will be given a part in Gears of War 3, according to... Ice-T.

The rapper and actor let the news slip on a Ustream broadcast, saying that he would be starring in Epic's highly anticipated third instalment before quickly adding, "I didn't say that".

This video is no longer available

Don't be fooled though, he did say it, although there's been no confirmation so far from either Epic or Microsoft that the claim is true.

It's likely though since Ice-T is a games enthusiast himself and Cliff Blezinski has openly discussed such possibilities with him in the past.

Blezinski told the rapper at a 2009 Jace Hall show, "If there is a Gears 3, which you never know, I have a feeling there will be a part for you."

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[ SOURCE: Ripten ]