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Why FIFA World Cup 2010 is a fix... on PS3, at least

Lalala passing, 5* abuse, 100% aggression - and how it threatens to derail arguably the best football game of all time

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100% Momentum/Rubberbanding
EA vehemently deny this, and it could just be a function of psychology, but any long serving FIFA player will have a story about his team suddenly scoring three on the bounce, or conceding inexplicably three times, or more, in succession. Worse, your team suddenly falls apart, failing to make basic tackles, or pass to a nearby colleague. We've lost track of the number of times we've conceded within seconds of scoring; even knowing it might be an issues, and getting 10 men behind the ball. The prevailing school of thought isn't that it's 'rubberbanding', but the power of custom tactics (via d-pad). Using pressure and Ultra Attacking just makes you very likely to score from a kick off, is the theory.

So, in order to maximise your chances of winning, 'all' you need to do is:

1) Pick Spain, France or England
2) Play 6-0-4
3) Select 100% Pressure and Aggression
4) Use relentless 1-2 passes with your midfielders/strikers

There's obviously more to it than that, but when you're a competent player, it makes a huge difference.

Well, don't take our word for it. Check out the EA forums, on topics such as Custom tactics, Rubberband AI and Skill moves.

Anyone else encountered similar problems online? Got any tips to fight back against the spammers? Got any tales of online woe you'd like to share, or stories of spoilt babies who couldn't wait to start the match (doing the 'Start' game toggle disco on the main menu, for example), or who shouted abuse down the mic?

I've had one chap who abused me via PSN text all game (and via voice, which I'd disabled). I won 3-1. And he texted to tell me to 'f*ck off'. So I told him to calm down and accept the loss. And then he boasted about 'f*ck*ing my mum', which last time I asked, wasn't true.


Look forward to hearing your tales below,


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