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iPhone 4 hands-on video, pics

Apple's super-slim new device snapped to death

Press are in San Francisco right now toying around with the just-announced iPhone 4, and it looks to be a mighty sexy device (not that we didn't already know from the leaks).

Engadget has thrown up a load of hands-on shots of the super slim device which you can see below. They say it's "shockingly thin", and the new ultra-high-resolution screen (960 x 640 in 3.5 inches), they say, is "the best looking mobile phone screen we've ever laid eyes on".

There's also some shaky-cam footage of the device's new video calling feature, called FaceTime, working like a treat through the source link below. FaceTime uses the phone's front and rear-facing cameras to ping video of your mug to other iPhone 4s, but only via Wi-Fi, mind.

Read the full tech specs here.

[ SOURCE: Engadget ]