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3DS could steal the show - Pachter

New handheld could be a big hit at nextw eek's show

Michael Pachter believes that Nintendo could win E3 with its new 3DS handheld.

"[Nintendo may] steal the show with its upcoming new handheld (scheduled for release by March 2011), the 3DS," said the Wedbush Morgan analyst.

This statement may come as a shock to many Nintendo fans who believe that Pachter is too critical of the Wii. Back in March, he told CVG that the 3DS could be a gimmick.

"I don't understand the technology behind a 3D display that doesn't require glasses," she said. "If it's so easy to do, why would Samsung put out 3D HDTVs that require glasses? My guess is that Nintendo has figured something out that is either very cool and advanced, or is a gimmick, and until I see it, I really won't know."

We'll find out what it's all about when Nintendo unveil the new handheld at their E3 conference on Tuesday (17.00 GMT).

[ SOURCE: Nintendo Everything ]