Namco will have Natal, 3D announcements

NB Partners VP drops pre-E3 hints...

Test Drive and Enslaved publisher, Namco Bandai Partners will have Natal, Move and 3D related announcements at E3 next week.

That's according to VP, Olivier Comte, who told CVG that he expects this year's Los Angeles show to be back to its old, gigantic best.

"We cannot talk about it right now," Comte said when asked about Move, Natal and 3D. "There is some embargo on announcements but we will have some announcements to make at E3.

"I really wonder how E3 is going to be this year because we seem to have come back on track," he said. "I wonder if this year it will be E3 like three or four years ago - a very big event. This is how I feel."

Comte added that with the platform holders' motion control devices making big waves, Namco Bandai knows it will be "complicated" to make its own noise at the show.

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