What will be E3's game of the show?

We weigh up 2010's candidates...

Silly season officially kicks off this weekend - with the start of gaming's own rock 'n roll festival, the E3 Expo.

Everyone and their mum will be in attendance to flog their latest gaming blockbusters, motion control headwear and whatever other surprises the games industry has in store. But could we already have a clue as to which game will blow us away most in Los Angeles?


Scanning an eye down CVG's confirmed E3 2010 games list we've devised a number of E3 2010 game of the show candidates.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for one rocked our socks off last week with the release of a gorgeous CGI trailer. If the gameplay can match the stunning atmosphere of the trailer, then the E3 show floor could be in for a treat.

Killzone 3 is another FPS in contention to grab our attention in the halls of booth babes and great unwashed. Shaky cam footage looks great, but proper HD gameplay will undoubtedly make love to our eyeballs.

Portal 2 is also bound be mind-blowing, while EA's triple-whammy of awesome that is Bulletstorm, Crysis 2 and Dead Space 2 already have us excited for more.

Which E3 game do you reckon will be most impressive? Will the world be wowed by Gears of War 3?

Or will the big announcements, Natal, Move and Nintendo 3DS dominate our gaze? Share your opinion in the comments below and we'll follow this article up later.