FIFA 11 to feature 'create-a-chant'

Fully customisable soundtrack lets you record custom chants

FIFA 11 will have a customisable soundtrack throughout the whole game including customisable chants.

Lads mag, Zoo reveals that players will be able to get together with a few mates, record a song of their choosing (whether it's 'Who The Funk Are Man Utd' or Erasure's 'Give A Little Respect') and upload it to FIFA 11 so that it fills the stands on match day.

There's not much more detail on how it will all work yet, but we're assuming EA Sports will use some crazy technology to make the chants sound like fifty thousand rather than just a single, albeit passionate bloke in his living room.

You'll also be able to set music for when your team walk onto the pitch or score a goal and for the menu screens, although we've never been disappointed in FIFA's musical tastes in the past.

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What chants will you be getting your mates round to have a go at then? (Keep it clean)