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APB gameplay preview

Hands-on: We fought the law and the law won...

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Right now, as the game enters its final beta stages, APB is a remarkable framework for unscripted frivolity. The dream is that upon release, with the expert guidance of us the in-game gun-toting madmen, Realtime Worlds can build ever higher on the remarkable back-end they've constructed. I can safely vouch that upon release APB will be good, but a year later I'm fairly confident it will be remarkable. Or at least, that's the dream.

We are entering a world bereft of nightly police-based entertainment what with those bastards at ITV thoughtlessly cancelling The Bill after 27 years of high-quality programming. APB genuinely looks like it could fill the gaping void that's due to open up at 9pm on a Thursday - and on other days in-between. It's even got a character customisation suite that will let us recreate DCI Frank Burnside, DS Jim Carver, PC Reg Hollis, and perhaps even the one with the moustache that had all those drink problems. For this, most of all, we should be grateful.

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