Playview: Is this PSP2?

And, more importantly, does it 'change everything'?

Sony Computer Entertainment has registered a very intriguing trademark for 'PlayView' in the US.

The first function mentioned in the file - pushed through in the US Patents and Trademarks Office - reads:

'Portable electronic device for receiving and reading text and images and sound through wireless Internet access and for displaying electronically published materials, namely, books, journals, newspapers, magazines, multimedia presentations.'

So far, so e-Reader, right? Interesting, yes. But not exactly a threat to the very-possibly-beautiful 3DS. But as we look closer, we also read that the TM covers:

* 'Computer game software recorded on optical discs';

*'Computer software for transmitting, sharing, receiving, downloading, displaying and transferring content, text, visual works, audio works, audiovisual works, literary works, data, files, documents and electronic works via video game machines and Hand-held games with liquid crystal displays';

* 'Video game machines with television for personal use'.

Curiously, it also encompasses: 'Retail store services in the field of electronic games, videos, electronic publications and music.'

So we could be looking at some kind of wide-reaching addition to PSN - or perhaps a new service that lets PlayStation owners download and read e-books?

Or maybe - just maybe - could this be the long-rumoured Sony Ericsson/PSP crossover?

Also covered by the TM: 'Information providing devices, namely, computer terminals with encrypting software for transmission of messages via the internet web site and e-mail communication' and 'telephone apparatus.'

Whatever the TM - filed on June 3 - covers, it at this stage it only really allows us to speculate on the product it relates to. The trademark's myriad descriptions don't exactly paint an exact picture of the device (if, indeed, Playview is a device).

But maybe that's the point. Maybe - just maybe, remember - 'PSP2' does everything. It's an e-reader, email provider, word processor, mobile phone and games machine in one.

Too good to be true? Consider that Sony Computer Entertainment of America trademarked this particular (as yet unused) tagline back on May 17, again in the US... 'It changes everything.'

So, The Sony Playview, then. What do you reckon?

E3, we need you now more than ever.