FIFA dev: We worry about PES comeback

Producer says EA "spends a lot of time playing PES"

FIFA 11's Japanese exec producer has admitted that EA often worries about a PES comeback.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, Kaz Makita said he doesn't like to call his game 'leaders' in the footy genre, but he reckons plenty of consumers "understand our vision".

When asked if EA worries about a PES comeback, Makita answered: "Knowing how Japanese companies work, I think so. They put any effort to try to build a strong product. If I was on their board, I would try to make this football game, to never give up.

"We spend a lot of time playing PES as well, learning from what Konami do. Anything we can take, we do," he said. "I don't like to call us leaders, but I believe we now have a product that is competitive, and I think a lot of consumers and critics understand our vision."

The situation is different in Japan, says Makita, where Konami's game is still very much ingrained in gamers' minds. "PES is part of Japanese culture - the series has sold 100 million units just in Japan," he said.

"I did a recent PR event over there, and when I talked to the media many were actually starting to shift over to playing FIFA. But not the public... yet. So I feel like the hardcore are starting to realise there's a rival game in FIFA but the consumer side haven't sent that message across - yet."

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