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'Legendary dev' to show 'top-secret project'

But who, or what could it be?

The beauty of E3 is its ability to covertly drip feed us secret information and remain confident we'll be salivating over it like a rabid zombie over Jill Valentine.

Well, the most hush-hush of these clandestine announcements has just been made.

In a trailer for tomorrow night's pre-E3 special on GameTrailers TV, the voiceover man booms:

"And don't miss a shocking surprise when one of the most legendary names in gaming unveils his top-secret new project for the first time."

We're pretty sure this is about as vague as vague can get but that doesn't mean it hasn't got us fidgeting about in our chairs as excitement eats into us.

Could this be Itagaki's new game? You'll just have to watch GameTrailers TV this Friday to find out what all the cloak-and-dagger antics are for.

Watch the GTTV promo below: