XBL celebrates World Cup with Avatar shirts

Licensed kits and discounts on footy games for World Cup month

Microsoft's announced the 'Summer of Football' promotion on Xbox Live, which is set to run from June 11 until July 11 in celebration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

To celebrate the tournament, Xbox Live members will be able to download branded Adidas clothing and even better, officially licensed kits for Xbox Avatars.

Thanks to the licensing prowess of Konami, 360 owners will be able to outfit their little Xbox people with official Brazilian, Dutch, French, Australian, English, Spanish, German, New Zealand and Italian kits.

Additional items such as animated balls and banners as well as fan hats and caps will also be available in the Konami Soccer Kit Collection - each available in the user's chosen national colours.

Costs vary from 240 Microsoft Points for a shirt, and 320 Microsoft Points for balls and additional items.

What's more, footy games FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, Football Genius and Sensible World of Soccer will see discounts of up to 50% and Microsoft plans to release a tournament predictor tool and free "penalty shoot out" application on Live.

And if you want to support a good cause, you can download a free 1Goal Avatar t-shirt, to show support for getting all children into school.

Microsoft's also kicking off a Live "unlock weekend" for this coming Friday to Sunday, during which all Live members will be given Gold access including multiplayer opportunities.