Schafer 'very excited' by Natal

Microsoft tech catches Monkey Island creator's eye

Brutal Legend and Monkey Island creator Tim Schafer has revealed that he's "very excited" by Microsoft's Project Natal - despite usually taking a "wait and see" approach to new peripherals.

Schafer said that the technology could open up the industry to a "whole new market".

We don't have long to see the evidence: Microsoft is set to reveal the device at a special pre-E3 even in LA on Sunday evening.

"I am usually more excited by creative ideas on the design side, and when it comes to tech like new controllers I take more of a 'wait and see' approach," he told industry magazine Develop.

"Except I am very excited about Natal. I think if Natal is a success, it could up open up video games to a whole new market. And possibly cause me to lose 30 pounds."

EA Partners boss David DeMartini told CVG last month that Brutal Legend didn't hit the sales expectations of both the publisher and Schafer's company Double Fine - despite an 85 per cent review rating on Metacritic.

[ SOURCE: Develop Magazine ]