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Motorstorm Apocalypse detailed, screenshots

The end is nigh in Evolution's third Motorstorm outing

Motorstorm 3 has been revealed as 'Motorstorm Apocalypse' and Sony's released a big batch of screenshots and artwork to go with all the details.

As you'd know if you read our Motorstorm Apocalypse preview, crumbling buildings and collapsing road surfaces are the order of the day, as the third Motorstorm is set in a city on the west coast of America in the middle of a massive earthquake.

Game director Matt Southern described the premise as a "party at the end of the world".

You'll zip through the city as it falls apart around you creating a perilous game of "uban off-road racing".


Expect skyscrapers to collapse in-front of you, roads to give way beneath you and all kinds of explosions and collisions in between.

Races won't be confined to the roads either. You'll find yourself driving over collapsed structures, in through office windows and even down sky-scrapers while they're twisting towards the ground.

16 player online races are in, as well as four player split-screen and a 4 v 12 split-screen/online combo mode.

You'll even be able to create your own custom race types with unique rules and triggered events to upload and share with the online community. Read the full details in our Motorstorm Apocalypse preview.

Evolution have been developing Motorstorm Armageddon in secret for the past two years with only a website URL and some low-quality screens managing to seep through.

Now it's all out in the open. Check out the screens and artwork below.