Demon's Souls UK Edition review: 9/10 in OPM

OPM UK gives top marks to From Software's critically acclaimed RPG

Despite uniform high praise in the US and Japan, the release of Demon's Souls in Europe faced numerous and significant hurdles to overcome. After it was revealed that Southpeak was unable to acquire the rights to publish it in Europe alongside 3D Dot Game Heroes European gamers gave up hope of ever playing the game.

However, Namco-Bandai came to the rescue and announced they would publish a special Black Phantom Edition of the infuriatingly hard but overwhelmingly satisfying RPG in Europe, a move that could pay off significantly judging by initial reviews.

OPM echoes the sentiment of many and describes the difficulty of games like God of War 3, Uncharted 2 and Ninja Gaiden in comparison to Demon's Souls as 'easier than falling in love on a spring afternoon'.

Although the game's setup is described as 'forgettably generic' the 'hugely complex' character development and 'electric' moment to moment gameplay more than makes up for this.

Sony recently said that the decision to pass on publishing Demon's Souls is one that they regret; this glowing OPM review is surely going to add insult to injury. Let's all hope the rumored Demon's Souls 2 has a smoother European release.