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Xbox Live Marketplace schedule dates Mass Effect 2 DLC

Lego Batman, Mercenaries 2, Mass Effect 2 DLC and a LOT of price cuts

Microsoft has a heap of price cuts and new releases planned for the next couple of weeks.

Mass Effect 2's Overlord add-on DLC will be out on June 15 for 560 MS Points, along with a demo for anyone who hasn't yet grabbed a copy of BioWare's fantastic game.

Two more games, LEGO Batman and Mercenaries 2, will arrive on the Games on Demand direct-downloads service, and there are more price cuts coming than you care for.

It's also worth noting that a Transformers: War for Cybertron demo is on Xbox Live today, and we suggest your check it out.

Check the full list through the link below.

[ SOURCE: Major Nelson ]