Animal Crossing 3DS set for E3 - rumour

Nintendo to reveal next life sim entry as 3DS launch game, say "sources"

Nintendo will unveil a new Animal Crossing game for the new Nintendo 3DS at E3 next week, if new rumours turn out to be true.

According to Destructoid, Nintendo has been using the game as demonstration software to coax developers into supporting the new platform, and it will be revealed next week as one of the system's launch titles.

No further details were disclosed and, as usual, Nintendo reiterated that it "does not comment on rumors or speculation" when asked.

We're all about that though - Animal Crossing: Wild World on DS was brilliant, not least because it was the first portable iteration of the series, making it easier to take advantage of the timed events which ran off the game's real-time clock.

But what would really blow our minds is to see a new Mario game on 3DS. We can dream.

The Nintendo 3D is Nintendo's next handheld device, supports 3D effects without the need for glasses and will be out in Japan before April 2011. That's the official word.

Nintendo will show off the console for the first time at E3 next week.

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]