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New MMA dev ready to take on EA, THQ

Mortal Kombat and UFC talent announce Supremacy MMA for PS3 and 360

Publisher 505 Games has announced MMA Supremacy, a new mixed martial arts title being made by independent developer Kung Fu Factory.

While not a household name, the studio's made up of talent behind titles like the original UFC on Dreamcast, The Warriors, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Scarface and most recently UFC Undisputed 2009.

The game's due to be shown off behind closed doors at E3 next week, and Kung Fu Factory told our friends at Edge that it's ready to go head to head with THQ's UFC Undisputed franchise and EA's upcoming MMA one.


"We want to offer more fast action and be much truer to how the sport actually originated over here back in the day and recognise the history of this no-holds-barred fighting," said creative director Ricci Rukavina. "So we're definitely going out there fists ready with a more brutal take on mixed martial arts and also showing a really big appreciation for the mixture of fighting styles.

"Based on a wide range of influences, we're taking a more cinematic approach visually as opposed to a television broadcast simulation," he added. "Our approach to gameplay is concentrating on skills over statistics which should reinforce fast, fun and intuitive play."

Executive producer Daryl Pitts also said: "We're certainly coming from an underdog position, but we love that, and we know that we have to have something a little bit special which separates us from other games that rely on big production values. Audiences want choice and change, rather than developers just taking an engine from another game and retooling it, or releasing slightly updated games."