Natal games named

The tech demos reveal Natal titles

Although Microsoft are keeping pretty quiet about the games Project Natal will launch with, the names of Natal titles have been revealed.

Expect to see 'River Rush', a white water rafting title where players will do just that and 'Ricochet', which sees the use of arms, legs, feet and heads to block a bombardment of balls.

'Obstacle Course' will see players pull, dodge and jump their way through obstacles over a series of courses (see how it got its name?).

Living Statue, by contrast is more of a social networking gesture than a game. The feature lets players make their avatars dance and sing and then e-mail their virtual self to their friends.

Namco also announced plans to unveil titles for both Natal and 3D at E3 a couple of days ago and we're sure there'll be many more on top of that.

[ SOURCE: Los Angeles Times ]