What's in Microsoft's conference?

It's nearly time for Microsoft to lift the lid on its E3 offerings

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Fable 3:
Although being released on the PC as well as the Xbox, Fable III is definitely going to be one of Microsoft's babies at E3. Already previewed by OXM across a massive six-page feature that labelled the game "essential", the excitement surrounding the third Fable adventure couldn't be greater. The Fable series so far has already helped define the action RPG genre on the Xbox and the next instalment looks set to do more of the same, even if creator Peter Molyneux is inclined to drop the RPG and replace it with adventure. Either way it works for us.

At E3 2009 we were pleased to learn that Joyride, Microsoft's own arcade racer, was due to be released as a free-to-play title on XBLA. Since then however it was apparent that the game was taking a bit of a last minute hiatus. Now, this coming week, we're looking forward to seeing it in it's latest incarnation, as a Natal supporting speedster. Should be interesting to see how Natal's gesture recognition technology works with a driving game.

At the beginning of the year we reported on special relationship that seemed to be flourishing between Xbox and Rare as the developer was putting the finishing touches to the Xbox Live Arcade port of Perfect Dark. Following this hugely successful release we're looking forward to see what the Xbox stall at E3 has on display from their friends at Rare, although our hopes of a quick go on GoldenEye have already been dashed. Boo-woo!

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero:
Set before the sequel but after the first game (that's normally how these things work) Case Zero was first announced as an Xbox exclusive back in February. This mini-undead-adventure will introduce the new protagonist, Chuck Greene, and hopefully cast some light on what happened in the five years between the two games. This should have Xbox owners baying for blood, and PS3 fanboys counting down the days until they get to have a play on a new Dead Rising.

3D Xbox:
We're popped this at the end of our little round-up because while we expect Microsoft to say something about it's 3D plans, we think it'll just be a token bit of banter to appease the fans what with Sony and Nintendo's massive strides into the third dimension. What they've said so far on the subject has been pretty flimsy but we've been told to expect future announcements. So maybe, just maybe, we'll be surprised about what they have to say. After all, 3D Natal would be out of this world. Can we look forward to a 3D enabled, Slim Xbox packaged with Natal before Christmas? We'll find out first.

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