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Nintendo 3DS details leak?

Widescreen, analogue stick and 3D camera set for new handheld, claims report

Supposed details on Nintendo's 3DS have appeared on the internet, via a Chinese blogger who claims to have his hands on a development kit.

The new handheld - which is due to be unveiled in LA on Tuesday - will feature a 3D camera, two differently-designed screens, a tilt sensor, analogue stick and will be "significantly more powerful" than current handhelds, according to the source.


In his report, the Chinese blogger says that "the effect of the [3D] screen is amazing," going on to mention features including an MP3/AAC hardware decode function and a media player.

The leaker also provided a mock-up of the system, as you can see on this page, including a short analogue stick - and not a PSP-like nub.

These details of course match with a supposed Nintendo 3DS dev kit pic which appeared online earlier this year.

UK industry sources also informed CVG that Nintendo is readying an October launch for the system - which it will announce at E3.

CVG asked Cambridge University 3D experts how the device might work earlier this year.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]