Black Eyed Peas to rock Activision show

Looks like Eminem may be there, too...

The Black Eyed Peas will make a star turn at Activision's glitzy E3 show on Monday, CVG understands.

A source close to the Boom Boom Pow hipsters' management told us that they were in town - and may "rock Activision's show". We've also been told that Slim Shady himself, Eminem, will be on stage during the publisher's soiree.

Other major acts (as in worldwide superstars) are thought to be coming out to play at Activision's event - which promises to be something of an extravaganza.

The publisher's show kicks off at 9pm PST tomorrow - so around 5am Tuesday morning in the UK.

We're expecting lots of Call Of Duty: Black Ops details - and perhaps a showing for DJ Hero 2 and the rumoured GoldenEye Wii game that's been kicking about.

Monday's a busy day - with Microsoft promising "something for everyone", and EA, Ubisoft and more also holding conferences.

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