Dead Space 2 PC controls are sorted, promises Visceral

Developer says it's fixed issues from first game

Dead Space 2 developer Visceral has promised CVG that the PC version of the game won't face the same control issues as its predessesor.

Many PC gamers told us they experience some juddery controls when playing the game with a mouse and keyboard - something usually put down to a problematic port of the console game.

Visceral exec producer Steve Papoutsis told CVG that the studio was aware of the problem - but recommended PC gamers use a joypad with the second game.

"Yeah - we've heard that feedback," he said. "That's something we're focused on trying to improve. Not to sound snarky, but with Dead Space, honestly, the way we're playing it is with a gamepad. Even if you're a PC guy - if you have one - stick [your pad] in your PC and play the game with that.

"That's the thing when we're working on it that we have every day and we have readily available. But this time out we have people dedicated on working to improve the controls for PC players.

"Out of the box, we're hopeful the PC version this time will respond a lot better and that people will be a lot more comfortable and happier with the controls. That is feedback we've heard and we're certainly trying to address it."

So there you have it. Good news. Let have a party. A PC party.

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Dead Space 2 is due for release next year on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.