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Xbox 360 Slim video hits net

Natal named as 'Kinect' by leaked ad

A new ad for what appears to be the long-rumoured Xbox 360 Slim has appeared on an Italian website - and if it's not official, someone's put a lot of work into creating a fake.

The ad shows a 250GB 360 in black - with sleek new ventalation on its side. And here's a biggy: It says the device is compatible with 'Kinect'. That'll be Natal's real name, then.

Check out the pic here, or go visit the site to see the full thing (before Microsoft pulls it down, that is).


It kicks off saying 'presenting the new Xbox 360' (in Italian, obviously).

It's tagline, 'Vivi Oggi', roughly translates as 'Live today'. Carpe Diem, me old mucker; Carpe Diem.

The rest roughly translates to say 'ready for the technology of tomorrow'.

But not Blu-ray, it would seem...

We'll find out if this is all true at Microsoft's E3 conference tomorrow, of course - at which the platform holder has promised "something for everyone".

[ SOURCE: Console Tribe ]