Project Natal to be named 'Kinect'

Xbox motion control gets funky moniker

Microsoft's motion-sensing Natal device is called 'Kinect'. Boo-ya!

Revealed just hours before Microsoft was due to hold its Natal press conference in Los Angeles, USA Today has made live a report on the device that should have gone live after the show, it seems.

While confirming the name, the report offers neither a price or release for Kinect, saying only that it's "due later this year". Here's a snippet from the report:

"Kinect's built-in camera and microphone (due later this year, no price set) uses facial and voice recognition to let you, for instance, log onto Xbox Live, start games and pause movies. And a new menu lets you choose games or services such as Netflix by simply reaching out and pointing toward the screen selection. Video chat lets Xbox 360 homes connect; the smart camera widens when another person enters the room.

"Microsoft's Marc Whitten credits Nintendo with setting things in motion: "They have done some amazing things and brought new people to the category. This is fundamentally different. It's (about) my body being the controller (and) being able to communicate with just my voice to the system."

The article goes on to confirm five games for the device; Kinectimals, Joyride, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures and Dance Central, plus "new games being developed at Microsoft in conjunction with LucasArts and Disney" featuring Star Wars and iconic Disney characters. Lots more info on each of those here.

[ SOURCE: USA Today ]