500GB PS3 Move bundle coming

Sony to reveal two new PS3 SKUs bundled with Move controller

CVG has learned that Sony is set to reveal two new PS3 SKUs, which will come bundled with the Move motion controller.

Sony plans to release 500GB and 250GB versions of its slimline powerhouse bundled with the new motion controller later this year, according to our industry source at E3 in Los Angeles - and may even do so at its conference this week.

We were also told that the new PS3s will come with new faster internal Wi-Fi cards (802.11n, for those of you who know what that means). Current PS3s come with the slower 802.11 b/g standard Wi-Fi. Basically, that means new PS3's connection to PSN and the internet will be faster if you have an 802.11n-compatible router.

"I don't know about prices, but their strategy is quite smart," our source told us. "With a super high-end and a less high-end approach, Move could almost become a success by stealth."

Sony previously revealed that Move will be available in three different bundles: standalone for those who already have the PS Eye camera; with the camera and a PS3; or with the camera and a game (the latter of which Sony notes will cost under $100).

We'll be at the Sony conference on Tuesday bringing you all the news as it happens.