Natal Experience pictures/info leaked

Show attendees wearing white ponchos in forest-themed room

Some pictures of Microsoft's 'Natal Experience' event have been leaked onto the net showing attendees sporting white ponchos.

It looks like the room has been made up with a jungle theme, with Xbox Avatars wandering around on displays above as attendees stand in the center with seats around the outside, all wearing their snazzy outfits - which are surely to make them more visible to the Natal device, or 'Kinect', as it has been officially renamed.

The pics, which surfaced on NeoGAF, also appear to show a circular display on the ceiling, and people - possibly Microsoft employees - sat on a risen platform above the poncho-wearing crowds.


Epic Games big man Cliffy B's there in his poncho, as his Twitter feed shows. Hideo Kojima is also there.

Cliffy says "nobody has any idea what's going on. 6 game journos on the ground floor, all terrified", before adding: "This is kind of awesome".

More leaks are surfacing as we type...