Cliffy B: Kinect Experience event 'awesome'

"Microsoft just took a nice step towards 'entertainment' from 'software'"

Microsoft's rather bizarre E3 Kinect 'Experience' event has got the thumbs up from Cliff 'Cliffy B' Bleszinski.

Despite a relatively thin collection of software being shown off - save a Star Wars game, which earnt a cheer from the crowd - Bleszinski called the event "kinda awesome" as he took it in.

"I think Microsoft just took a nice step towards 'entertainment' from 'software'," he wrote on Twitter, after reporting: "Nobody has any idea what's going on. 6 game journos on the ground floor, all terrified... Haha this is kind of awesome actually."

Microsoft's event included a trippy performance from Cirque Du Soleil and various off the wall features - such as a white poncho for every attendee and a real life elephant. Yes, you read that correctly.