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Everything you need to know about Microsoft's motion sensor

Kinetic is here and, since there's a mountain of news related to the motion sensor to wade through already, we've stuffed it all into one useful page including all the screenshots and videos we can find...




Rumours that Microsoft's Project Natal would be renamed 'Kinect' came at the weary hours of this morning just hours before Microsoft's Natal conference was set to go at E3 in Los Angeles.

Even Kinect's line-up was leaked before the event via an American newspaper report.


Kinect was officially revealed soon after and as expected the news has been pouring in ever since.

Microsoft's Natal/Kinect event was an odd one to say the least, with psychedelic performances from Cirque Du Soleil, white ponchos for all and a real elephant. It was massive.

The first title Kinect title Microsoft demonstrated was Star Wars. And what better way to kick off than to show some arm waving lightsaber action.

Causing far fewer nerdgasms but a similar amount of intrigue is a Kinect yoga game, which included Thai Chi, and the Kinectic Sports pack, clearly aimed at horning in on the Wii's core output and market.

We were informed later this morning that Kinect Sports is actually a title from Banjo Kazooie studio Rare.

Eventually it was time to move away from games and towards something far more like social networking, as MS used the motion sensor to move photos and even take part in video chat. Kinect is also confirmed to have full connectivity with Facebook via a game specifically created to sync with social networking sites.

Finally Microsoft announced the release date for their motion sensor - or a release month at least. You can expect to be waving your arms in front of your TV in November.

You can also expect loads more Kinect news throughout today and the rest of E3. We'll be right there as it happens so keep your eyes open.


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