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Harmonix reveals Kinect 'dance game'

Rock Band developers will 'teach you how to dance for real'

The rumours were true: Harmonix is developing a dance game for Kinect, OXM UK reports.

The title was shown off at Microsoft's Kinect Experience event last night.

It's been described as the counterpart of Just Dance for Wii, but "it's a far more complex beast that aims to teach you how to dance for real," says OXM's Jon Hicks.

"You have to pull various moves to match the figure on screen, enabling you to strut your stuff to licenced tracks like Gaga's Poker Face - we learned later there's a two-player versus mode," he added.

Harmonix being onboard is no doubt something of a coup for Microsoft, so we'll have to see what the Rock Band developers can conjure up.